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Family Law Representation in New York

Experienced Bronx Divorce Lawyer at the Law Office of Bryan J. Hutchinson

When you are going through a divorce or are looking to dissolve your marriage, the last thing you need is a divorce attorney who is not educated or experienced in the appropriate areas of practice. At the Law Office of Bryan J. Hutchinson, not only are we are proud to offer personalized and attentive legal guidance, but we are also fully prepared and dedicated to take on any of your family law matters. Below, you can read more about the areas that we practice and how we can help with your own personal situation.

How is child support decided?

Family Law Practice Areas


In New York, an annulment essentially deems a marriage to be invalid, or null. In some cases, this may even mean that a court does not recognize that a marriage took place or even existed. For a marriage to be nullified by the court, it must fill certain requirements including incest, bigamy, or marriage fraud.

Custody and Visitation

For any child custody and visitation case in New York, the rights and best interests of any children involved take priority. Things such as income, dependability of the parents, or even things like criminal history of child abuse or neglect could influence a court's decision on custody and visitation rights. To understand more about the child custody options that may be applicable to your family, consult the lawyer at our firm.


Our firm is dedicated to serving families and individuals in their divorce needs. Divorce and divorce law in New York is very complicated and complex, so speaking with an attorney who is well versed in the area of law is extremely beneficial. Due to the highly emotional nature of divorce cases, we provide personalized and attentive legal guidance, and can answer your questions or concerns about what to expect during a divorce, or prepare you on how to ensure your rights stay protected after a divorce is finalized and complete.

Grandparents' Rights

In some cases, grandparents seek to request visitation rights or child custody after a divorce between their grandchild's parents. This is not altogether uncommon, and the Law Office of Bryan J. Hutchinson works to protect the rights of grandparents in these types of family law matters. We can work to ensure the best interests of your grandchild are considered and heard.

Grounds for Divorce

New York requires that individuals fulfill certain grounds for divorce before an action for divorce can take place. There are many grounds for divorce, including contested or uncontested grounds. Speaking to an attorney can determine how the laws surrounding the grounds for divorce could affect your case.

Legal Separations

Married couples who are not yet filing for divorce, or do not want to file for divorce, can draft a legal separation. With the assistance of the attorney from our firm, a legal separation agreement can specify terms of agreement in the separation, including child custody, child support, or property division. Once a legal separation agreement is put into effect, the couple must live apart and separate from one another.


Maintenance is also known as spousal maintenance or spousal support. Spousal maintenance in New York can be calculated for either temporary means or permanent assistance. Spousal support can be awarded to one spouse in a divorce, and the amount will be determined by the courts, depending on particular financial circumstances of parties involved.

New York Residency Requirement

In order for a divorce to successfully commence, individuals must fulfill New York's residency requirement. Both parties do not have to fulfill the requirement; rather, only one need to fulfill at least one of the requirements. If neither party satisfies the requirements for divorce in New York, speaking to the attorney at our firm would be wise to identify alternative options.

Order of Protection

In cases such as child abuse, neglect, or domestic abuse, orders of protection can be requested to protect the best interests of any family members or individuals who may feel threatened. Restraining orders are a type of order of protection and can order a violent spouse to stay away from children. If handled correctly, an order of protection can even restrict the spouse from attaining visitation rights or custody.

Property Division

New York is an equitable property distribution state. This does not mean that property must be distributed equally among parties involved in a divorce, separation, or annulment. Rather, equitable distribution means marital property accumulated between spouses must be distributed fairly.


In a situation in which parents share custody of a child, or if one spouse is the custodial parent of a child and is relocating to a different area away from the other spouse, it may make it difficult to accommodate visitation rights. Seeking legal representation in a relocation case can help determine if a parent is allowed to move or if a parent is allowed to fight the move with legal action. In cases of relocation, courts will always make the child's interests the priority, no matter how important or lucrative the move may seem to a parent.

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If you still would like more information about how our firm can help, please do not hesitate to either browse our FAQ page or take advantage of a case evaluation with a member of our firm. By taking proactive steps in your family law matters, you could be on the road to a happy future for your family, despite the hard changes and transitions that a divorce can bring. With 14 years of legal experience, we have devoted our practice to providing personal and attentive legal care to families and individuals alike. Contact our firm to meet with a skillful Bronx divorce lawyer!

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